It is already the rainy season yet the weather today reminds me of summer, HOT!

How’s it going on your side of the planet KC Holic? Have you begun making your Gift Recipients List? (Insert Santa Claus Is Coming to Town song)

This month of September, we are featuring a fanatic of rugged style who will rock your world with her glamour, Bethany Agupita.

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Bethany looks charming in her sexy black dress from Katrina’s Clothing.

Bethany is not just a pretty face. She’s a charming girl bestowed with so many talents. She can sing, dance, model, design clothes and transform her appearance with make-up. She’s also a brilliant performer who can entertain you with her soulful voice and gracious dance moves. Together with her cousins, they are frequently contracted as wedding singers.

Right now she is helping her mother grow their catering business in Butuan, Rowena’s Catering Services. They’ve included events coordination and venue decoration in the services that they offer. If you have a big celebration coming up and you need professional help, I recommend that you try out what they can offer. You can get a quote from them by this number, 09081134023.

Aside from her talents I’ve mentioned above, she’s also a skater, the prettiest in Butuan that I know. Oh dear, what can’t she do?

fashionista, stylist, shopper, online shopper, model, fashion, style, trend setter, budget fashion, icon, fashion icon, shopping, online Shopping

Get to know Bethany further with the interview below.

What’s your KC Holic story?
Hahayz Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, si gwaps. We sometimes call each other “GWAPA”, cause we believe that we are. No dull moments with her ever! We just like to talk. I’ve known Sarah because of my cousin. Nah! Pag si cousin maka introduce ug classmate, sure na ma friend pud namo. I first saw her in our church, and then we became friends. I tell you, she can be your craziest friend and a true friend at the same time. And even on her noticeable status on facebook, grabe ka bibo, all the more we became super friends.

Then she and her sissy started that online store on Facebook, Katrina’s Clothing, selling dresses and other stuffs. Sure you can find trendy and affordable ever, and then I found that black dress, everything black I GO CRAZZZY, which I like. Cause really, I wanna try buying things online and it was my first dress bought online ever. Second was that gray tube dress with braided straps something. Both were from her online store. That was my first experience buying online, satisfying ever,  ug sa pagkaon pa, BUSOG. . . thanks though gwapa!

If you could explain your style in one word or phrase what would it be?

Whose style inspires you?
BOYS, especially that rockin hot Robin Padilla. He’s such a “RUGGEDLY HANDSOME” guy. I think I can wear like what he’s wearing and still look sexy. Rugged boots/shoes, rugged shirt, rugged pants, basically everything RUGGED!

What’s your favorite trend this season?
Ahm well since I’m aiming for that flat belly you see on some pictures, then I go for those crop shirts showing a little of my belly.

What song do you currently have on repeat?
Ah! I have a “song of the month” katripan, song which I play balik-balik every day the entire month. For this month it’s THE CALL by Regina Spektor.

What’s your favorite city and why?
My favorite city is BUTUAN CITY. I grew up in a big city, DAVAO CITY, and everything is like superfast. Establishments, people, trends, everything! I like DAVAO because they almost have everything. Beaches, parks, malls, ug uban pa; but I can feel that Butuan City is the place for me. Cost of living is not high, less traffic, not over populated, and dili ra kaayo ko ma pressure.

Do you want to be the next featured KC Holic? Be a regular shopper at Katrina’s Clothing to catch our attention.

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